Prepaid Card Ltd have been founded in 2004 celebrating over a decade of growth and success.
Our main core of trade is the distribution of Mobile Phones, Mobile Accessories, Gaming Consoles and Gadgets.

Our NEW logistics facilities resides in Ramat-Gan Israel since 2014. the structure includes, management, logistics warehouse, sales and customer care call center, top notch repair lab and our flagship store.

Today, we proud to be the #1 consumer electronics distributor in the nation with over 1000 clients and counting… Between our luxuries list of customers are major telecom operators, retail stores and wholesale traders around the country. We currently hold 2 concept stores with a unique approach to the Israeli consumer.

Our exclusive boutique of brands hold names as Pierre Cardin Mobile Accessories Division, Red Angel and My-Screen.
We chose each of our partners carefully since we are well aware that there are a lot of dealers out there and therefore we want to make sure we chose the elite.

We deal with all the leading names in the free market industry around the world, with superb references from all major trading platforms.
With current victorious alliances of partners from around the globe, we constantly looking to expand our resources.